History & Stories

History of Tooh Haltsooi

The Tooh Haltsooi Council of Naatʼani possesses over 169 square miles of land all across the Navajo Nation, covering the Chuska Mountains and most of the San Juan basin. The community of Tooh Haltsooi, has been a community that has prospered through many different obstacles all throughout the centuries. In addition, it is a place with a rich background and culture, we have had many prominent Dine figures living in and around the community. Narbona was the one who chose to call Dibébitoʼ(formerly called) and the Chuska Mountains home. He was born in 1776 in the Chuska Mountain area which is where he spent most of his life. He learned and developed skills that would prove to be vital in the fight against the Mexicans and the Anglo Americans. In the winter of 1835, roughly one thousand New Mexican soldiers were planning an attack as they made their way through Bééshłichí’ii Bigiizh (Copper Pass) but Narbona being the skilled and smart leader he was, was planning a counter attack. He waited till the cover of night to make his move, his men and him waited behind rocks, trees and bushes. As the soldiers made their way through the forest, they dismounted their horses; completely unaware of the attack that was fore coming. Narbona and his men attacked, leaving only a select few of New Mexicans alive. The Tooh Haltsooi community now recognizes this place as ‘Narbona Pass.’ Stories like this and history like this make Tooh Haltsooi a truly one of a kind place, that is both beautiful and culturally rich.

Tsé bizhdílnihí

Tsé bizhdÍlnihí is part of Monster Rock and was used to roll over and kill people. When the Twin Warriors came to destroy all monsters they broke Monster Rock into pieces.Tsé bizhdílnihí then pleaded for his life saying, “I won’t hurt anymore people. I’ll be sacred and help people in need.” Because of what he said the twins left it alone and to this day it is considered a sacred rock.

A piece of Monster rock is located by the road department going up Narbona Pass. When you visit it, say a prayer and offer pollen.

Snake Guarding Tall Rock

A snake here is believed to guard this rockand the area around it over the mountain. This is where Monster Slayer(Naayéé’ Neezání) and Born for Water(TóbájÍshchíní) fought many battles with the monsters. As respect the stick or rattle from the Enemyway Ceremony is not taken between here and Tsé bizhdílnihí.