Community Land Use Plan Committee

Regular Monthly Meetings: First Sunday of the Month

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Vision & Mission Poem

The Holy People ordained, through songs and prayers,
The Earth and universe embody thinking,
Water and the sacred mountains embody planning,
Air and variegated vegetation embody life,
Fire, lght, and offering sites of vegiegated sacred stines embody wisdom.
These are the fundamental tenets established.
Thinking is the foundation of planning. Life is the foundation of wisdom.
Upon our creation, these were instituted within us and we embody them.
Accordingly, we identified by:
Our Dine name, Our clan, Our language,
Our life way, Our shadow, Our footprints.
Therefore, we were called the Holy Earth-Surfaced-People.
From here growth began and the journey proceeds.
Different thinking, planning, life ways, languages, beliefs, and laws appear among us,
But the fundamental laws placed by the Holy People remain unchanged.
Hence, as we were created and with living soul, we remain Dine forever.